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Island Life by Kimber

Island Life  24x36 Acrylic on Canvas  1800.

Island Life 24×36 Acrylic on Canvas 1800.

New Giclee print of Carol Sebold’s

Belted Cows

Belted Cows

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Island Light

Island Light

Island Light

A welcome home to a favorite island in Maine.

Sailing School

Thursday evenings in Bayside for sailing lessons.


New Paintings

Starting an new series of Bayside paintings.  It is a magical place along the coast of Maine.  

Dog Beach

Another new painting!  Who doesn’t love to take their dogs to a beach party. Doesn’t Stella look good in her bikini.

Painting the Lighthouse

I have been so busy getting the gallery ready to open that I have not been able to paint.  Here is the most recent one, “Painting the Lighthouse”.  It is of Curtis Light in Camden, Maine.  Looks like everyone is getting the paint brushes out!   Not really, as we have had MANY days of rain this Spring.