Carol Sebold

We are pleased to represent the estate of Carol Sebold’s paintings and prints.
In loving memory of Mom.

Carol Sebold lived on the coast of Maine, surrounded by and inspired by some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery. Her watercolors and oils of coastal fishing villages and their boats, as well as her evocative landscapes of the New England countryside, speak of the singular beauty of this corner of the world.

It is with great sadness that we announce Carol’s unexpected passing on Monday, June 7th, 2010. Saturday Cove continues to offer a selection of her work.

On her far-reaching travels, Carol sought out and painted other special places where nature’s palette and perspective are as stunning, in their own way, as they are in Maine. Among these are the islands of the Caribbean, Ireland, Greece, and Italy for which she developed a particular affinity.

More atmospheric than realistic, Carol’s watercolors began with sketches and photographs done on location. Later, employing a wet technique on rag paper, she developed them into full-blown paintings. Her fragile brush-work, created through a delicate building of thin layers of watercolors, suggests the impressionistic while subtly retaining a quality of nature. Carol also mastered painting in oils. In addition, she enjoyed exploring the possibilities of the abstract through the use of mixed media, primarily acrylic or watercolor combined with a variety of fibers.

Carol taught throughout her career, sharing her artistic vision and helping her students harness their own talents. She her career teaching in Ohio and southern Michigan and then moved to Maine where she conducted summer workshops aboard one of Maine’s famous windjammers, Angelique.  Her love for teaching continued in Maine with the highly regarded Wooden Boat School, the Farnsworth Art Museum and private workshops.  Her wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm as well as her generous spirit brought many students to enjoy her talents and discover their own.  Her latest career accomplishment was touring the world on the exclusive  Crystal Cruise Line, where she taught passengers the art of watercolors.

Carol’s work has been selected for many juried shows and is exhibited in galleries throughout the eastern United States and the Caribbean. Numerous private and corporate collections both in America and abroad also include her work.

To make her art as accessible as possible, she re-created selected original paintings as fine giclee limited-edition prints. They are available on line or visit the gallery.  We will continue to develop new prints and carry on Carol’s love and talent for her work.

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