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This year, we celebrate our 20th year at Saturday Cove and we’re going all out to make the shops festive, full of frivolity, and above all, FUN!! We will stir things up by adding even more reasons for you to visit us, again and again. . . we’re showcasing more vintage, garden, home and fanciful fun than ever before.

We’ve been busy  collecting garden antiques, unique decorative accessories and art for your home or cottage; scouring New England for repurposed objets d’art (that’s fancy French for funky decorative things). We’ll introduce a new line of shabby chic clothing, as well as continue to expand our accessories. Back in my studio, I’ve been having a ball with my latest endeavor, hand-painted  furniture – dressers, tables, mirrors, chairs, benches and beyond (I recently painted a piano for a customer!).  No piece is too big or too small or too, well, unusual, for me to paint. (Scott says that he’s afraid to sit in one place for very long because I’m sure to get out my paints and have at him!).

I love taking old, sometimes neglected pieces of furniture and giving them new life with color and design. I have great fun imagining how to repurpose a piece so its vintage character comes through in a new and creative update. Some of my favorite pieces are ones that I’ve created in customers’ homes, where we collaborate on the design so it complements the existing decor. Call me any time if you’d like to discuss setting up a custom-design visit.

As an aside. . .Scott and I recently bought a cottage in the charming seaside village of Bayside (just minutes from the Shops). Built in 1947, it’s definitely a “fixer upper.” Its rough exterior houses a little gem and we’ll be posting photos and writing blogs about the rebuilding and decorating process. If you’d like to follow along, visit Saturday Cove’s Facebook page.

Our collection of old and new goodies for your SOUL, GARDEN and HOME  is constantly changing — but a warm welcome and a bit of laughter will always be in store. Join us this anniversary season at THE SHOPS at SATURDAY COVE.

Creatively yours,


. . .and Scott and the Bohemian Babes —  Pat, Linda, Terra and Star